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3 & 4 Month Old Toys

My daughter, Lily will be 4 months in a couple of weeks and has gained a lot of interest in toys. I had only a few stuffed toys to play with her. I didn’t put toys on her registry because I wanted to pick out educational toys for her to learn with and also control how many toys she has.

So it was time to buy some toys! I love to shop but found it difficult to find toys in this age bracket. Of course I did research to see which were the best developmental toys that she was able to play with by herself and with supervision. I listed these below in the order that she loved them.

#1 Soft Blankies by Angel Dear

img_4345Even though these aren’t toys, they make a great chewing and sucking item that you can wash. My daughter loves these by Angel Dear. They’re not like the security blankets you find at Babies R Us, they’re more like a mini blanket. I think these are great for introducing babies to grabbing items since they are super soft and easy to grab. The Angel Dear site offers a wide variety of the cutest styles. Since I am located in Staten Island, I actually picked mine up at a cute Baby Boutique, Precious Cargo for Kids in Livingston, NJ.

#2 Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

So this purchase was because its supposed to help with hand and eye coordination but I am not a fan of it. This toy is definitely is in need of supervision if your child is under 6 months of age. Lily likes it to a point but she does get her tiny fingers stuck in the holes and cries when they are in a weird position she is not familiar with. She still plays with it so it stays in the toy pile. I just wish the Caterpillar part was bendy also but Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is recommended.

#3 Bright Start Grab and Stack Blocks

These are great to have for so many reasons; they’re lightweight, educational and can last at least two years in my opinion as a learning toy since it has letters and numbers on them. Lily loves the monkey block. I think its because there is a little pee-a-boo going on. I’m going to try and wash these. I don’t see why they wouldn’t wash well but I will keep you posted. Definitely a Yes for the Bright Start Grab and Stack Blocks.

#4 Bright Starts Teethe & Read Frog/Giraffe

I was very picky about what soft book to get Lily since she’s currently teething. She loves the pictures in the book and stares at them for a good 15 minutes before she gets annoyed that they don’t move. Plus this book offers a two corner teething page for her to gnaw on. It’s lightweight which helps when you have to lug around a few toys but don’t want the weight that comes with it. Bright Starts Teethe & Read Frog/Giraffe is a must add to the toy list.

#5 Fisher-Price Tambourine & Maracas Gift Set

I didn’t purchase these toys but I thought I’d try them out and see how Lily likes them. I’ve put them in her hands and she holds them well but I think they are too heavy for her to hold. She’s a petite little thing and the maracas are kind of heavy. The tambourine she couldn’t hold at all. It’s just too heavy for her. I’ll have to try these out when she is 6 months old and see how she does. Overall, I’m not a fan of the design of these so called music instruments. There is nothing musical about these toys. That’s just my opinion.


I’m still on the hunt for toys and will be purchasing the Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Wall Play Activity Gym this weekend. I’m really excited for this since its something she can grow with and be entertained for a while with, hopefully. I’ll still be on the hunt for anything that would be beneficial to Lily’s development.


Enjoy the rest of your days soon to be moms, moms and step-moms. ❤ Minnie B.

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